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June 2010


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Awesome post!

I think something else to mention is if you're still having insulin sensitivity issues (for example, if you've just started eating clean) you might want to hold off on the PWO meal until you've leaned out more. If our main goal is to improve insulin sensitivity (and I think it should be), it might be best to wait an hour or so to eat.

But like everything with food, it depends on what your goals are! Quicker recovery and greater muscle building means you need to eat soon after you workout.

That's my $0.02...


Good point Becky, you're spot-on. I focused solely on maximizing for Recovery here, and in that regard the insulin spike PWO can be beneficial for nutrient absorption and anabolic recovery.

The article I linked has a good breakdown of some of the approaches to maximizing for Body Comp and even delves into Fasting PWO.

As a CFE coach I want to make sure you all have the tools to accomplish this program effectively. Which means proper recovery, especially on days you will be tackling CrossFit + CFE WODs. These will be very tough days.

If your goals are to lean out, and are just adding in CFE for additional "calorie burn" before ever putting your diet under a microscope -- is not the way to go, and you will find a world of hurt down that path.

However, if you have dialed nutrition, very good recovery, know your limits well enough, and have a handle on your personal goals... well then you most likely are a candidate to have my blessing to start playing outside the Maximizing Recovery box for PWO Nutrition.

Until then, I will always push for maximizing recovery. CrossFit Endurance is a tough program on the body, and I want you all to succeed.


Let me add, some signs that your body may require PWO Fueling, or even that you aren't eating enough overall:

- Low intensity in WOD #2 of the day
- Sleepiness or "Zombie feeling" post workouts
- Poor sleep the night of
- Overly sore the following morning
- Low intensity in WODs the following day
- Low appetite or even insatiable hunger (yup, either)


I loved the nutrition info. How can I put a link from the main CrossFit Troy page to pull up this site? I want troy people to see it front and center. Also, the tabata sprints were devilishly fantastic. I wanted to quit after the second one but Mike and I plowed through. here are our meter breakdowns. We used a 50 meter length of grass and ran back and forth.

Graham 385m, 325, 310, 325, 300, 350
Mike 350m, 300, 300, 300, 300


Im anxious for the second CFE wod for the week to be posted.

Stacy Humphrey

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info you have been posting. It's appreciated.


Graham, working on the new WOD by the beach in Tampa right now buddy :) If you want to link to any post, just click the Blog title, should take you to a unique link you can use on the other blogs.

Thanks Stacy! Let me know if there are any topics you want me to cover, I'll add it to my backlog.


Want to tentatively add to the Carbohydrate side of things: Papaya, Mango and Pineapple.

Of all fruits/berries, these are skewed towards lower a GI, but subsequently favor muscle glycogen and have less Fructose than most other fruits. Robb Wolf and Mat Lalonde like them PWO, so I will be playing around with them, see how I feel when using them. I'll annotate the post if they turn out to be a favorable Carb source.


Great information, Matt. I love reading this stuff, now I just need to put it into practice. Got any secrets for increasing my willpower to "just say no" to all those bad food choices I love???!!! Maybe I need to pin a picture of Pam Anderson to my fridge to motivate me. Oh no wait, that would take something more than just a good diet in my case! ;o)


Kelly, The biggest thing most people are missing is that even though they've dabbled in Paleo eating they have never actually fully adapted to it (i.e. 30 days fully clean -- No Grains, Legumes, Dairy, etc), so theyre not sure what the difference is short of a few lbs falling away.

Once you do adapt however, cravings subside, energy levels and wellbeing shoot way up, and when you do fall off the bandwagon -- the deterrent is built in. You just plain feel ill. So it's less willpower and more just plain reactionary disgust.

I wholly encourage you all to join the Paleo challenge kicking off the end of this month.

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